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How long in the NICU at 32 weeks w/ steroid shot?

Our little one has been threatening to come early since 24 weeks. I am now at 31, and had the round of steroid shots at 24 weeks when i stayed at the hospital. I was just wondering what your experiences are when your Little one refused to stay put, and came after 30 weeks, but several weeks before term. Do you think the steroids helped  as much as you were told ?


Thanks so much

Re: How long in the NICU at 32 weeks w/ steroid shot?

  • DS arrived on a Thurs. morning (2:28am) at 32w4d.  I had the 1st shot Tues. night (5-5:30pm) and the 2nd Wed. night (6pm) and when he was born he didn't have any issues.  He just needed to gain some weight and get his eating down and he was out in just under 2 weeks.  We were very lucky and he's been doing amazing every since.
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  • E was 30w 4d and had the steroid shots (but didn't make it to the full 48hrs after the first shot)  She was iugr and weighed 2lb 5 oz.  She was on the vent for 12 hr (for surfactant) CPAP for 3 days, nasal canula for a few weeks (to help with bradies).  She was in the hospital for 69 days.  She was discharged at 6lb 1 oz.  She was a very slow grower and took forever to stop having apnea and bradies.  Other than that it was a pretty smooth nicu experience she had a pda (heart murmor) which was resolved with meds, a pfo (another type of heart murmor) a nec scare and anemia which she got a blood transfusion for.
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    My 2lb 5oz 30 weeker is getting so BIG!
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  • My twins were born @ 32w3d weighing 4 lbs 9 oz and 4 lbs.  They were in the NICU for 22 days.  They had to have oxygen, caffeine, and learn to eat.  I had had the steriods @ 30w when I had PTL.
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  • thanks for your replies! It sounds like you had little fighters! The are all beautiful, congratulations
  • My LO guy was born at 31 weeks and I was on Mag for 48 hours to try to have him stayed put long enough for me to get the 2 shots and allow them 24 hours to work.

    When he was born he was on CPAP the first night, then forced air the next day. He was on room air for a few days, but at 6 days old went on O2 and remained on it for almost all of his NICU stay. At our high altitude it's the norm for  NICU babies to go home with O2. but Andrew managed to get off of it a few days before coming home. I do think the steriods helped a lot. We had a 7 week NICU stay (49 days).

    Hope you're LO can get in some more baking time! GL!

  • DS was 33 weeks with no steroid shot and stayed in NICU for 10 days. Feeding and body temp issues only.
  • DD was born at 32w3d, I was able to get both steroid shots.  She was in the NICU for 22 days.
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  • DD came at 31 weeks, I received the shots at 28 weeks, and she spent 44 days in the NICU...GL!
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    Liam born full-term 39w2d, bedrest from 32 weeks on

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    Lily was born at 31 weeks 5/10/08 (edd 7/12/08) due to severe pre-e, HELLP syndrome and a blood clot in my arm.

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  • Trig was born at 32 weeks 6 days and he was in the NICU for 33 days. He was 2lbs15oz at birth (IUGR). He had steroids at 26 weeks because I went into preterm labor at that time. He was just growing, no real issues, and was 4lbs2oz at discharge.
  • I had the shot on Sunday and he was born Wednesday at 32w3d - I absolutely think they helped because he only needed a nasal cannula for a couple of days and a C-PAP for a few hours.  I thought for sure being born with RDS that we were looking an intubation but that never happened.  He was 100% on room air only by day 4 or 5?

    We stayed in the NICU for 30 days but most of his problem was just getting him to eat.  Were it not for the feeding issues he probably would have come home in about half that time :-P

  • My LO was a lot earlier than yours, but she was 3 months early and came home after 2 months in the NICU.. so she came home a month sooner than she was expected.  I completely think the shots made a huge difference for us.  She was on the vent for 6 hours.. she was on a nasal cannula after about 14 hours.  She came home on oxygen, but I think it was because she was discharged early.. they would have kept her if we wanted them to wean her off but I wanted her home and didn't care about having the oxygen stuff around.

    One of her neighbors was a 32 or 33 weeker and only spent 3 weeks in the NICU, mostly feeding issues with him taking a bottle.  He was never on the vent or anything.. I think she had fibroids, so they got the shots early also.

  • I was induced at 32 weeks due to HELLP/Pre-E. Abby was 2lbs 15 oz and had both steroid shots 5 days before birth. She came out breathing and did not need ANY breathing intervention the whole time she was in the nicu. Those shots are a miracle drug!!

    She did not have any issues and just needed to grow and learn to suck/swallow/temp regulate. She came home after 31 days in the nicu at 3lbs 12 oz.


    Good luck!!!

  • LO was born at 32w5d the day after i had my 2nd steroid shot, he never needed a ventilator and came home exactly a month after he was born. GL!
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  • I think the steroids worked like they said they would.. my little boy did not want to stay put! my waterbroke at 32 weeks so they started the magnesium and steroids right away.. they told me i could stay weeks in the hospital before i delivered but after the 48 hours they took me off the magnesium at 6pm & my little boy gave me a few hours to eat, shower and rest then i started having contractions at about 12 or 1 am

    he did have a breathing tube in when he was 1st born but they removed that the same day.. he is breathing great on his own & is able to take all of his feedings. the nurses are surprised how well he is doing for being young. he just has to stay in the hospital long enough to gain more weight and make sure he can still breath and regulate his body temp. on his own.

    it's so cute because he gets sleepy while he's eating and tends to start falling asleep in the middle but as long as me or someone burps him halfway he wakes up again to finish eating =)

  • I didn't have the shot at all.  When i went into labor at 30 weeks they thought they would keep me in labor as long as possible and give them to me but, than my water broke and all hell broke lose at that point i was already 5 Cm dialated and went from 5-9 in seconds.  My 30 weeker was born 2ilbs 10 oz and was breathing on his own but, need help they did give him surfactant and he was on Cpap within 24 hours and stayed on it for 4 weeks but, once he cam off and they gave him caffine for the bradi he stayed off and went home after 7 weeks.  His stay was more due to sucking and eating and gaining issue.  He came home with no montior and no meds though.   
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