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Thought I'd share

My childbirth instructor sent this to me, I thought some of you may be interested :)

A Call to Action

Florida mothers need to speak out

Florida state law currently does not allow VBACs to be attended in a birth center, which limits the choices of women who have had a previous c-section to either birth at a hospital or at home. Some mothers would like to have their VBAC at an out-of-hospital setting but are not comfortable with the idea of a homebirth. We believe that it?s the birthing mothers who should ultimately decide which setting is best for them.

The law currently states that VBAC mothers cannot birth at a birth center unless the birth center is participating in the VBAC study sponsored by the National Association of Childbearing Centers (NACC), and then it?s okay as long as they have a physician?s approval. The problem with this is that the NACC no longer exists so this is not an option. There was a push by birth advocates to remove the reference to the NACC from the law so that it just stated that a woman seeking a VBAC could do so at a birth center with a physician?s approval. However, instead of making this change, on Wednesday March 24, the State of Florida?s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) will move to permanently ban Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) in Florida birth centers.

We in the birth community are asking everyone to take action to prevent AHCA from limiting the choices of women.

1) Please sign this petition:

2) Call and/or email your Florida State Representative. Tell them you won't stand for the violation on a woman's civil rights. It?s EASY and only takes a minute or two. Use this link to find your State Representative: Click ?Find Your Representative? near the upper left.

Here is a sample letter/script you can use. Also consider including a brief personal statement letting them know your story:

I'd like to enlist your help on an issue that is important to me. Currently, Florida does not allow free standing birth centers to accept clients seeking a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). On March 24, the Agency for Healthcare Administration will be voting to change language to rule 59A-11.009 and permanently ban VBAC in Florida birth centers. Please support a family's right to birth in a location of their choice. Birth is a normal physiological event and ultimately birth location should be the mother?s choice. F.S. 467 recognizes the need for a person to have the freedom to choose the manner, cost, and setting for giving birth and outlines the process by which a patient with informed consent and physician consultation can plan for a vaginal delivery with a licensed midwife. This law should be taken into consideration when rewording 59A-11.009 and it should ensure that birth centers can accept clients with a previous cesarean section. Please do not limit the choices of Florida mothers. Let me know if you will help make our voice heard on this issue.

3) Go to Tallahassee on March 24th so our voices can be heard. A group, including area midwives, is going but they need the support of women with babies to represent the consumer. Several members of ICAN of Tampa will be there. We plan to meet for lunch before the rule development workshop. PLEASE JOIN US! Lunch location will posted soon. Rule development workshop time/location is as follows:

Wednesday March 24th at 1:30 pm
2727 Mahan Drive
Building 3, Conference Room B
Tallahassee, Florida 32308

4) Pass this on - tell anyone and everyone!

For more information see:



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