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Deliver at Providence?

Have any f you delivered at Providence in NE Portland?  How was your experience?  I love my OB and that is the only place she will deliver.  Do you know how I could go about a tour?

Re: Deliver at Providence?

  • I've heard great things but don't know from experience.  I'm a nurse in maternity at Prov St V's so I've heard through the grapevine :)
  • I delivered at Providence and had a wonderful experience.  The nurses were absolutely amazing.  Honestly I couldn't have had a better birth experience.  PM me if you want more details.
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  • I'm delivering at Providence in Newberg, so not same location but same hospital. I love my midwifes! I have two as my first just had her baby and is on maternity leave. BUT you can sign up online to take a tour of the hospital.


    the above link allows you to take a virtual tour, but if you go to sign up for a class online, you can also sign up for a birth tour, ours is april 10th! Looking forward to it. GL with your LO!

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  • Shop...congrats! I delivered at Prov. Newberg 2 1/2 years ago (my daughter!) and had a midwife...I wondering if we have the same one! Mine is done having babies, she's older...but you'll love the hospital!
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