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Pittsburgh girls!!

Are any of you here?  I have a non-TTC question regarding PNC Park.
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Re: Pittsburgh girls!!

  • Hey, I'm here!  Running to finish getting dinner ready but I'll be back :)
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  • My Cleveland Indians are playing down there on Father's Day weekend.  My grandpa (dad's dad) just passed away Friday, so I wanted to make this Father's Day nice for him.  Thinking about road tripping down there with him for a game.

    We've never been there...what seats do you like?  First base line?  Third base line?  It looks like 3rd base line you get a good view of the city?  Also, what level is good?  There are some available through Stub Hub behind the dugouts, but there are also some in the 200s level near 1st base (I think row L).

    Just looking for some kind of guidance as to what seats are good (good view of the city and the field too!)


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  • imagecmoosey:

    Hmmm...tough call.  The Bucco's suck so bad it has not been fun to go to games there in a while.

     I have sat in the "club seats" up on the 3rd base line - beautiful view of the city!  We had a nice view of the "game" as well.  I'd recommend that if you want to see the city too.  I'd go higher rather than lower/eye level. 

    Have fun!!

    I agree with both sentiments :)  We usually sit on the 3rd baseline as well.  There really aren't very many bad seats though - the park is incredible!  Too bad it's wasted on the Pirates.

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather :(

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  • Thanks ladies!  I know the Buccos are having a rough go of it.  That's why we'll trek down there.  We might actually see the Indians win. Wink

    In any case, thanks for the tips ladies.  Obviously, there are a lot of available seats still left, but I wanted to get some ordered so I can give them to him for his birthday at the end of April.  I thought that might be a good time and a chance to see a National League park.

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