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Anyone have any experience with the creative care chain in the Norristown, Plymouth, West Norriton area? What are your impressions/thoughts/pros/cons?


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  • Sent my DS1 to Creative Care Too in this the same company?  I think so.  Anyway, I only sent DS1 1 day a week, and he cried everytime I dropped him off.  He was in a small class- 8-10 kids or so, and the teacher didn't even acknowledge us when we walked in.  So, for my little 2 year old, to suddenly start a daycare for the first time ever, and only go 1x a week, the teacher was less than welcoming with him and we didn't last long there.  He now goes to a church preschool 2x a week and hasn't cried one time in the 6 months he's been going- he LOVES it.  i just had to wonder what was going on in that room when I wasn't there, if the teacher was that cold while I was there.  Good luck to you!
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  • I've only heard negative things about the Creative Care chain.

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