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Does anyone know of any birthing classes in either Stone Oak area or Ingram Park Mall Area!

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  • Where are you delivering?  I am pretty sure all the hospitals have birthing classes for very little money (Methodist has many for free or like $20 if you join their Women's Plus program - also free)
  • n. central baptist has them.
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  • It depends on what you are looking for.   Most of the area hospitals should offer child birth classes.     .

    My husband and I actually took Bradley classes outside of the hospital.   It really promotes natural labor and delivery.  It is a 12 week series of classes and it covers everything from nutrition to various labor interventions, relaxation techniques, writing a birth plan and the different stages of labor.   My husband found it really helpful because they showed a lot of videos of birth and it helped him feel more comfortable with what would occur with labor and delivery.   I haven't delievered yet but I feel alot better about my impending birth because of all the information I got from the classes. If it sounds like something you might be interested in there is a website with teachers in San Antonio.  www.sabradleyteachers.com/   Our teacher was Julie Walker who is off of 281 and bitters.

    They also teach a free introductory class at Destination Maternity off of the 10 and Wurzbach called pregnancy 101.

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