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PCOS gals - using OPKS ?

If you have PCOS, do you use OPKs? Are they accurate?

I read somewhere and I can't remember where, that for ladies with PCOS, they are a waste because they will almost always be positive.

I would like to use OPKs when we start to TTC, but I'm not sure if it is worth it or not.

What has your experience been with them? And did you hear that they always come out positive as well?


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Re: PCOS gals - using OPKS ?

  • They usually work for me, my other signs have confirmed ovulatino after the fact. I would try for a few months in conjuntion with charting and then make a decision. 

    I have heard that they do not work for all PCOS people, but I think it varies from person to person. 

  • I'm just starting to use them this cycle. I have gotten negatives instead of positives so I don't think they're pointless.... Yet... We'll see if they actually show a positive the same time my CBEFM and temps do!
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  • I think for most people with PCOS they don't work because your body will gear up for ovulation many times without actually ovulating.  So, they'll be positive a lot (for me all the time).  I don't use them because I'm being monitored by RE but I wouldn't even if I wasn't being monitored because they aren't reliable.  
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  • I've heard that, but it has not been the case for me.  I have never gotten a positive until last night, when I am truly ovulating (on a clomid cycle).
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  • I use them.  They work for me. 
  • Thanks for the responses girls!

    Not sure if we will use them or not, but at least I know that they do work for some people!

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  • I will be using them this cycle b/c we're starting clomid while being monitored by our RE. I have never used them before b/c I don't get a period on my own, so I would have wasted a small fortune for nothing.
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