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Any pregos in PDX?

Hi everyone!  I ust got my BFP yesterday (it's still early, I know), but I was wondering if anyone on this board is currently pregnant?  I have only lived here for a year and would love to meet other moms and moms-to-be ;) 

Re: Any pregos in PDX?

  • Congrats and welcome!
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  • Congrats and welcome! I know including myself, there are a few other ladies who are pregnant!
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  • Welcome - I am due July 8th with our first.  :o)
  • Congratulations! Whenever I see the word prego I always think pasta sauce ;). I'm not currently pregnant, my LO is 21 months old already. We're thinking of #2 but need some job stability first. Gotta love the current economy!
  • Thank you for the 'welcomes' and so nice to meet you all!  
  • welcome, im due in like 4 weeks... congrats!!!
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  • Congratulations and welcome.  I'm due in June. 

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  • I am just outside of Portland (Gresham) and between 10-13 weeks (doctor isn't sure yet!). Whereabouts do you live and what are you into?

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  • I am in NE PDX.  I'm a hairstylist and a Pampered Chef consultant.  DH is a server and a full-time student right now.  We have 2 fur-babies, John Wayne (boxer) and Daisy (choc lab).  We moved here about a year ago from So Cal.  We LOVE Portland and are excited to start our family here :)
  • You're due right around me! My due date was estimated at October 5th but now my doctor thinks I'm actually 1-3 weeks further than originally thought. What are you feeling like around now? I don't have a flat belly to begin with but my husband swears I'm 'showing' - I'm not sure if it's just bloat, but I'm definitely having more trouble sucking in than I used to! I'm trying to emphasize the belly as much as possible so people don't just assume I'm fat. Huh?

    I'm finally much less nauseous and tired and more excited at this point.

    Is this your first baby? This is my first pregnancy.

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  • Eeps, my response was to Future Mrs. who is due in September.

    To Jen - What a cool career! I do web design and blogging from home. My husband is on disability so we are both home full time. I'm hoping that will make baby stuff fun and easy. We also have a dog, Rufio, a chihuahua-schnauzer mix. I've always lived in Portland and love it here too but I'd appreciate more sunny day (like today)! Cool Weeks of dreariness can be a bit brutal.

    Just wait until you get to hear a hearbeat!

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  • Yes, welcome. I live a ways out west in Forest Grove and am due April 19th with my second little boy!
  • Welcome to NE Pdx. I live in NE also and am 5 weeks 1 day preggers too ! Cute dogs and where to you do hair?
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