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Whats with this pinching?

I know this could easily go on another board, but I know you ladies will give me great insight.

In the last week my DD has started pinching during nursing sessions. Not in a mean way but more of a comfort type of thing. She holds my breast between her thumb and fore fingers and just squeezes away...sometimes she even falls asleep doing this. Please tell me this is something she grows out of?! 


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Re: Whats with this pinching?

  • My 13 month old still does this. I have to move his hand or cover the area he's pinching. It sometimes helps to hold his hand.

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  • This is why moms invented the nursing necklace!  Get one- you and baby will love it!
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  • Ah, the pinching.  It's lovely, huh?  My DD pinches my chest and the back of my arm on the one that is around me so a nursing necklace wouldn't help for that.  Sometimes I just have to pin her arm down under my arm because my skin gets raw from her pinching.  I have lots of bruises to show for it.  I try and get her to hold my hand and tell her that she's hurting me.  I'm hoping she'll stop at some point.

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  • Ahh, a nursing necklace...might have to look into that. :) I try and hold her hand but she squirms away and pinches away! Thanks ladies! 
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