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Anyone delivering or has delivered at....

Banner's the one all the way out on Higley and the 60. That is where I am going to deliver and I was wondering if anyone else has checked out the hospital or has any feedback about them!

The other place my doctor delivers is the Banner hospital off dobson and the 60....I've heard that Gateway is better??

Thanks ladies! :) 

Re: Anyone delivering or has delivered at....

  • that hospital is beautiful! i have heard nothing but good things about it. i was going to deliver there, but had moved to the west valley and decided it was way too far of a drive to be in labor for so i switched ob's
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  • I delivered there! And I work there! I had such a wonderful experience. They seriously had to kick me out :) Who is your doctor? 
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  • Dr. Susan Kudlinski :) I love her. Have you ever heard of her?
  • Yep I know her. Hope you choose Gateway :)
  • One of my sisters delivered at Desert (Dobson & 60) and one delivered at Gateway. The one said Desert was just ok and the other sister raved about Gateway. I have lots of family and friends who have delivered at Gateway and all absolutely loved it, the facilities, the nurses, everything. I wish my doctor delivered there, it'd be my first choice but sadly she doesn't :(
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  • I have a friend that works at Banner Gateway in Labor and Delivery and I've heard a lot of great things about them.  Unfortunately, it'd be a lot closer for me to go there, but my doctor only delivers at Banner Desert.  I've been there for a class, but LO hasn't arrived yet so I can't give you my full experience.  I know people who have had really positive experiences at both.  I think it just depends on who you ask.
  • I'm also with Dr. Kudlinski and delivered my first at Banner and had a great experience.  Lactation consultants are the best there.  This one will be at Gateway since she switched over.  She said she loves it and loves the nurses.  I did hear from a friend who is a nuse (not a hospital nurse, but she delivered twins recently) that her feeling was to choose Gateway if you want a flat screen TV and other new amenities, but Desert has higher level NICU facilities, especially with the new children's wing.  So that makes me a pause a little, but I trust Dr. K to not put me at a hospital that can't serve me well.  Banners in general are pretty good (my Dad used to be on staff at Desert).


  • I'm scheduled to give birth at Banner Desert, and I've taken the tour as well as spent more time than I'd like in OB Triage and I love the staff there. They are all super friendly (even at 3 in the morning) and I really feel like they listen to me and care about what I'm saying. I also like that they don't have a public nursery and that they encourage skin to skin and do couplet care. I know that's not everyone's preference, but it is mine, and it was nice to see that their standards of care align towards the parents being the caretaker not the hospital.... I did notice during the tour that the room that I'll be spending time in after LDR is VERY small, but that could just be because I saw it after seeing an LDR room bigger than my living room...
  • We Love Dr. Kudlinski!

    I have yet to deliver but I know Gateway is much better :)


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