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bedsharing question

I hope you can help me out a bit with some bedsharing questions. This was certainly not planned but at this point it's the only way for us to get some sleep, as my newborn is not interested in being put down much right now. My questions are these:

What do you wear to bed when bedsharing with a new baby? In keeping blankets away from baby I end up freezing. Suggestions?

Any tips on breastfeeding while lying down? I did this with my daughter when she was older, a more confident beastfeeder and while I was awake. Doing it now with a brand new newborn at night I am having trouble figuring what the best position would be for us while in bed so that I can get him latched more easily.

Thanks in advance for any tips and I am sorry if these are silly questions.

Re: bedsharing question

  • I usually wear a nursing tank and a long-sleeved Tshirt to bed.  I pulled up the Tshirt and unhooked the tank (Target brand are my favorite).  When DD was really little, I would roll the Tshirt up so that it wouldn't fall back down on top of her face.  In the summer, sometimes I would just wear the nursing tank. 

    When I nurse laying down, I always tuck my bottom arm up under the pillow, but I know a lot of moms use the bottom arm to cradle the baby, especially when they're that little.  Maybe try it during the day when you're not intending to sleep and see what's most comfortable for you and the LO.  I hope you get it down soon.  Nursing in bed at night was a life saver for me with my all-night-nurser!

    Good luck, and congratulations on the new LO!  :)

  • I wear a nursing tank or sleep nursing bra and pajama pants. We also have always used blankets or a sheet which I know some people are uncomfortable with. I wouldn't cover DS in the beginning but now we do.

    We have side-lie nursed from the first night in the hospital. It was just something we naturally did (survival I lay DS on his side facing me and lie on my side facing him. His head is under my arm pit. I bend my arm and tuck my hand under my head. If I have to switch sides I move DS to the other side which may be different from what some other ladies may do.

    Good luck!

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  • Thank you both for your replies! I've tried sleeping in a tshirt and nursing bra one night and just the nursing tank another night and ended up cold both times. I might need to try a heavier weight tshirt. As far as side lying nursing, I guess we'll just keep practicing. I am mostly having trouble lining him up so we have a good latch. Practicing while awake and in daylight should help. Thanks again!
  • I'm late to reply...but like you, I always seemed to end up feeling cold.  Lately I have been wearing a nursing tank, pajama bottoms, socks, and a zip up sweatshirt (no cords) zipped behind my back (so it makes a sort of sweatshirt shrug).  It looks crazy, but it seems to be working pretty well. 

    I also noticed that target is selling wrap front sweatshirts (here)  that might be a good option.


  • Thanks. I was freezing so badly last night that I switched positions towards morning and moved closer to my husband (so we could share the blanket) and put my son on my other side. There was definitely a huge amount of room between him and the edge of the bed and I kept my arm around him the whole time but I don't really feel comfortable with that arrangement long term. I will definitely check out those target sweatshirts.
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