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Carpet cleaning recommendations?

So, Lana is almost at the crawling age and before she gets there I MUST have the carpet cleaned. I do not want her crawling on this dirty floor! Any recommendations for carpet cleaners? I am hoping to spend under $100. All I need done is the living room, staircase and hallway.

Re: Carpet cleaning recommendations?

  • My mom went to Albertson's one time and rented one and did it herself. Worked really well.
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  • Yeah I did that once before, but it killed my back. I am feeling to lazy to put that much effort into it...lol!
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  • Hahaha! I don't blame you! I'd rather pay someone to do it too. Wink
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  • Let me ask my friend.  She recommended her guy to me and he did a good job for cheap and he used environmentally safe products.
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  • We always use ChemDry.  My husband has allergies and the way they clean the floors doesn't cause him the problems that traditional method floor cleaners do.
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  • Do you still need a rec?  My uncle owns his own carpet cleaning business and I can give you his information.  Send me a private message if you are interested.
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  • we use and love teddy bear carpet care!  All organic, super nice and the owners do all the work so no weirdos in your house!  I knew a guy from hs who worked for stanley steamer or something and he used to steal stuff from customers!  Scary!


    I work in the apartment business and we go through a company called PG Long I dont know if they do houses but I would look them up they do a wonderful job and they are really nice. Its a family owned business.


    Thanks Rachel 


  • We use Renew Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. The guy does an amazing job for a good price. We had our rental house (1500 sq ft of carpets) cleaned for only $218.00 and these carpets were bad! I thought we were gonna have to replace them. It looked like our old tenants poured oil all over the carpets. But he got 98% of the stains out and even patched up two scratch marks where there cats scratched through.
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