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Ergo and the Back Carry Position in the world do you put your child in the back carry by yourself?! I can manage the front and hip carry, but I always need another set of hands when I want to put DD on my back. I've watched videos online, but I just don't feel comfortable doing it.

If you have the Ergo, are you able to put your baby in this position on your own? Is it just a "practice and you'll get it" situation?

Re: Ergo and the Back Carry Position

  • I just wrote a thanks post about this very thing. I was following Ergo's instructions and practically killing myself. I followed some AP ladies suggestions and put it and DS on in a sitting position on the bed and got him in right away.

    I lie the Ergo down and then place DS down on it with his butt in the seat area. I then buckled the waist belt and then slipped both shoulder straps onto my arms. It goes quickly and DS is in the perfect position. It was so easy compared to what I had been doing.

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  • I can't do it either. For this reason, I am returning it.
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  • While it's not the easiest thing in the world, I don't really have a problem getting DS strapped in to back carry. I don't remember watching the Ergo carrier's videos so sorry if this is what they suggest, but I do this-

    1. Secure the strap around my waist.
    2. Put the left shoulder strap over my arm. Then, I scott DS's left foot through the triangle opening and lean forward a bit to scooch him into place. At the same time, I grab the right shoulder strap and pull it tight (to keep DS secure) while I bring my right arm through the strap so that I am wearing it.
    3. Lastly, I reach around and clasp the small clasp that is at the top.

    That probably didn't help at all, but I thought I'd try anyways. :)

  • This seems to be how they do it in the videos as well. I guess I just need to practice a little more! Thanks!
  • Practice on your bed :) That's what I did in the beginning when it made me nervous.
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