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Who Have You Told?

Who did you tell you were TTC?  As soon as DH and I decided to, he blabbed to a bunch of people (coworkers, a few of our close friends, his friends online...)!  (Thankfully not my MIL, she's been asking for grandbabies since we got engaged!)

I told my bestie, and a coworker who's been pestering me for a while, but I don't want to tell anyone else until it actually happens.  I don't want a lot of "So, it's taking a while, huh?  What's wrong?" or whatever...

Maybe I'm just being paranoid...

Re: Who Have You Told?

  • Nobody. I don't want their opinions.
  • imagePattypoundcake:
    Nobody. I don't want their opinions.

    same here

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  • MyshMysh member

    Nobody. I don't want their opinions.

    This is how we were. Of course now our immediate family knows.

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  • Only my two best friends know. I trust them not to tell anyone, and they haven't.

    They don't ask me personal questions about it, or if I'm pregnant yet. They just know, and they leave it at that. 

  • We have only told our best friends.  We have been more vague with our family.
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  • We haven't told anyone.
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  • I told my best friend but DH has told everyone. Even MIL and SIL so they constantly nag me about what's going on. It's horribly annoying.

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  • We've only told people that have a need to chiropractor, my acupuncturist, my nutritionist, etc.

    I'm the one that's having trouble keeping my mouth shut though! My DH hates other people knowing our business!

  • We told our immediate families and best friends.  I'm wishing we hadn't, they call all the time asking for "news" and it's kind of annoying.
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  • We've told a couple of friends. We aren't telling family yet.
  • I tried to tell my ovaries, and they stopped ovulating. *cha ching*

    But in all seriousness.. we haven't told anyone except for my BFF and that's only because we were on the TTC train together, then she got KU first. Now I wish I hadn't even told her. 

  • We didn't exactly bring it up with anyone, but if it came up, we talked about it.  I did tell my mom & my best friend. 
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  • My mom's been on my case for babies since the day we got married. I told her right when we started TTC to get her to lay off me- figuring that it'd only take a cycle or two.

    I don't really regret it. She's been very understanding and has worked to keep my other family members from asking intrusive questions- but she's also 100% incapable of understanding why it's taking this long. She's certain that if we just relaxed or put my hips up (all night if necessary!) or take a vacation that it will happen naturally and is having a hard time comprehending that while one of her daughters was so fertile she got pregnant before the wedding with a bottle of jack as a prenantal- the other of her daughter's can't seem to conceive without intervention.

    There were some "Taking a while eh? are you sure you're doing it right?" questions we had to endure around 6 months of trying... but once it became obvious we were probably going to wind up needing medical intervention it became taboo enough that no one's cracked a single baby joke in my presence in months.

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  • i told my sis and two friends last summer that we would start "soon" and recently told my BFF exactly where we were in the process.  a lot of crazy things were happening in my life and i needed the support. none of them have brought it up since i mentioned it, they are amazing friends.
  • My family knows, and my BFF, but we haven't mentioned it to DH's family (or the miscarriage) b/c they would be beyond annoying- asking for updates, blabbing to anyone who would listen, and complaining that its taking us too long so I (not we) must be doing something wrong.  Its was really annoying with my mom for a while too, before I told her to back off (constant phone calls asking me when I was testing!).
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  • imageYa Never Know:

    I tried to tell my ovaries, and they stopped ovulating. *cha ching*


  • Only a couple of close friends know.  One of these days I may tell my Mom, although I think she probably already knows.
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  • We don't want pestering either, and, if we decide to delay again due to unforeseen circumstances, we don't want to have to explain, so we told no one.
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  • We told all of our close friends, my family and maybe two of my co-workers (I try to keep it on the down low at work). 

    Nobody has asked us why it's taking so long yet, and if they did I would probably just be honest and say that we have 'health issues' (not that it's anybody's business)  I don't feel embarassed that we might have fertility problems, and I would never judge anyone who does.

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  • My younger sister knows, and 3 of my best friends know. 2 of which are bumps, soooo, it's not like I could hide it from them!
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  • We haven't told anyone.  A good friend of mine knows we want to "start trying soon" even though we've been trying for 2-ish years.
  • Nobody. I didn't want the Are you pregnant yet? Are you pregnant yet? Are you pregnant yet?

    And considering we're on cycle 10, I'm so glad we've kept it private. It taking this long is hard enough, having to answer no all the time would've made it worse.

  • I have a big mouth  (sometimes way too big) so I have told everybody from coworkers to family, if they know me they know.
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  • At first, it was just two really close girlfriends (on who had just had her second and one who had just gotten pg when we started) who I talk to all day every day and DH's best friend.

    But, my DH has a big mouth and accidentally let it slip to some of our close friends who don't know how to keep a secret. So, now they all know.

    And I have now told my mom. At first I was adamant about her not knowing, but my mom dealt this infertility when she tried to have my brothers. Let me point out right now that I am not assuming infertility in me after 6 cycles, but I kind of needed someone who really understood what it was like to be let down month after month (my friends were both pg in 2/3 cycles).

    And, just this weekend, DH told his mom and our 17-year-old niece overheard. I didn't know about this until niece hugged me good-bye and told me "good luck with everything." Yeah, that's what I needed.

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  • DH has told no one.  I told two close friends that we'll "try soon," but no specifics.  I am not going to tell my clos[est] friend who's having trouble with TTC.  She avoids the subject, so I figure so should I.  I hope she gets PG before I do because I want her to and because I don't want to have that conversation with her if she isn't.  Cannot tell my mom or his mom.  They would be too emotionally invested.
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  • I don't think you are paranoid, I think you are pretty smart. 

    I told my most of my family and my friends. After a couple of months of having my people ask about it and giving their "expert" advice on needing to relax and such my husband and I are now telling people when they ask that we are taking a break from trying for awhile to focus on other things.

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  • I've told my mom, who told my dad and my sister, which is fine. We've told DH's brother and his wife because they were trying too. I've also told a few of my coworkers, who are also trying. If anyone asks, I'll tell them honestly. Luckily I haven't had all of the obnoxious advice.
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  • I told my 2 best friends that I went of BC and also told them when I was diagnosed with PCOS and what that probably means for me as far as getting pg. I will also be telling them when we go in for treatments which will hopefully be in May. I know my "secret" is safe with them and its nice to lean on them for support. But that's it! Just them!!
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  • We told our neighbors who we are really close too and then one of my girlfriends.. other than that no one..
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  • Pretty much everyone. Oh, well.

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  • My best friend knows.  We don't talk about it, but it's out there.  I also told a mom from my play group at dinner last night.  She had fertility issues, so we were talking about TCOYF.
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  • I told alot of girls at work who are also friends. I really wish that I didn't. One tells me to just relax when I explain charting. The other is pregnant and that's enough said. I really wish I didn't tell anyone, because they are always giving advice.

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  • I only told my BFF and my therapist. I wanted to tell my mom, but if we have trouble she's going to be very hurt/worried. When others ask, I just tell them that we're seeing what happens, but that we're not trying too hard. I just don't want to hear it!
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  • My internet friends know, a couple in real life and my step mother in law knows.  I didn't want to tell SMIL, but, I met her for dinner right after a doctor's appt. in which I didn't think we'd be talking about infertility, so I fell apart when I saw her.  Had no choice but to come clean.
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