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Did you tell DH that when you go into labor he needs to text me. Heck forget labor when your dang water breaks I need a text! Jeesh every day I am waiting :-) How are you feeling today?

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    Haha I'd love it if my water could break! It didn't happen last time until they did it in the hospital around 7cm, but at least I'd know wtf is going on this time if it did :P

    Email me your # - I can text you ;D 

    I'm feeling better (emotionally anyway!) than yesterday, that's for sure. The cloud of self pity has lifted and now I'm just like 'wtf ever, you can't stay in there FOREVER'. I'm going to stick to hoping he's done and out and we're home by St. Patties day, I want a big ol' guiness :P

    My friends sure are coming out in full force though, one took Sierra from 9-12 yesterday and another is doing the same for me today, so I only have her in the afternoons most of this week - very helpful because I can't really lift or carry her easily any more without a lot of pain. So yay for good friends!

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