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Teething or a cold???

My poor ds has been working on his molars for about a week or 2 now.  Yesterday he started getting a runny nose, which is clear...and also constant!  I'm not sure if it's his teeth or if he's also coming down with a cold as well.  He's not showing any other signs of a cold.  What do you think teething or getting a cold?

Re: Teething or a cold???

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    If he's never had a runny nose with teething before, it's most likely a cold.

    DD is working on her bottom molars and her nose was a facuet today after nap.  She's never had a runny nose in conjunction with teething before, so it's a cold (which she most likely caught from me.  Sad)

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    eek Idk because my DS is in the same boat!!! i keep debating, teeth or cold. his gums are massive...he's fussy at times....RUNNY RUNNY nose... so i'm leaning towards teeth
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