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12 month footies?

Where the heck do I find 12 month footie jamies?  I finally started liking them and now August has grown out of the last size...
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Re: 12 month footies?

  • I've gotten them just about everywhere..BRU, Fred Meyer, Carters..they're out there! Just get the ones with the zipper..makes life so much easier :)
  • I had the same problem last year at this time, in the spring they stop carrying them pretty much everywhere.  I had to look everywhere and I came up with 3 pairs in prints I never would've picked.  At 12 months they aren't the snap ones though they are the zippered ones and they come in fleece in the fall and winter and this weird nylon that I don't like in the summer.  Gerber makes 2 packs of the fleece ones and they usually have them at Target (until early spring)  these are great because they are way less expensive and they run a little smaller than the Carters 12 months that are usually really long in comparison to the 9 month size, so the Gerber are great for in between.  For the Carter's try Fred Meyer, JcPenney, Sears, Kohls you may be early enough in the season to still find them.  Ooooh I just looked Old Navy has some online in jersey cotton for $12.50 each or $10.00 if you buy 2 or more... hope this helps, good luck!
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  • We have the fleece zippered ones. We got some at Walmart and at BRU at some point.
  • They all seem to dissapear this time of year as the summer PJ's come out. Childrens' Place always carries them and you can probably find some at the Carters outlet and on sale at Fred Meyer. Mostly I'd wait for the consignment sales, you should find a ton there. They grow out of them so fast most are still in great condition in that size. Don't buy too many, once he starts crawling his feet will slip in them so you'll want non-footies again ;-)
  • Carter's Outlet...I say we go. Wink
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