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Gymboree Classes anyone been

I'm trying to find some activities for DS to do once or twice a week and was wondering if anyone has taken their lo to Gymboree & if they like it.  Also, do you stay at the center the entire time they are there and do you pay by the week or visit?

Re: Gymboree Classes anyone been

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    I'm not a member but I've done a free trial and looked into it.  You pay by the month.  I live in a HCOL area and it's over $100/month plus a $40 registration fee.  I've heard other area's are much cheaper though.
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    We paid $69 + ($40 enrollment fee) per month and that gets her in one 'class' per week and access to the open play.

    She seems to like it and has fun but it seems a bit pricey so I don't know if we will renew for another month or not.

    We stay the entire time - I think if they are under three you have to stay.

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    We did it for awhile and my LO loved it.  The downside is it is so expensive.  Where we live, it was $75 a month, which included 1 class per week and open gym.  The open gym was nice though because I live in a cold, snowy winter area and it gave us something to do! They do offer a free trial class....try it out....I bet your DC enjoys it!
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    We pay $69/mo for 1 class and access to open gym times (we signed up when they were waiving the registration fee). DS loves it, but I agree, it's a little pricey for what you're really getting. It was great during the winter b/c we went to open gym at least twice a week in addition to his class so I felt like we were getting our money's worth, but once the weather turns nicer I'm not sure we'll go as often. But he does love it and I've met some nice moms through his class.
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    Also you might want to look into your town's Park & Recs department. I think most have some nice classes for little ones - we're currently doing a Parent & Me and a Kindermusik class through ours and it's pretty affordable.
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