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THe difference b/w Similac Sensitive and Alimentum?

ANyone know?  DD is on Alimentum + rice cereal(she needs the rice cereal to contain her reflux), but seems to be very gassy on this.  THinking of switching to Sensitive.


Re: THe difference b/w Similac Sensitive and Alimentum?

  • Alimentum is for babies who have dairy/soy allergies- the proteins are broken into tiny bits that their bodies can process. The sensitive is usually a low lactose formula instead, but still has the whole milk protein. So if you switched b/c of an allergy, you wont' be able to use Sensitive.
  • Alimentum has enzymes in it that help aid digestion (the doc said its the equivalent of food for chicks being pre-digested by a mama bird).  It is used most often with babies who have a lactose intolerance or who's systems are having trouble breaking down the food (i was told lack of ability to break the food down is one of the big causes of gas). 

    We switched to Alimentum a few weeks ago...our LO was WAY gassier on Sensitive.  GL!" "From of suffering emerges the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Kahlil Gibran
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  • Alimentum has no milk protein or lactose, in case the baby is allergic to either.  When my baby was 2 weeks old and we realized he had reflux and couldn't digest regular formula, we tried similac sensitive first but it didn't help much.

    So the dr determined he must have a milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance so we switched to Alimentum and that did the trick.

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