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Parks good for toddlers

Quick question. I live in Dallas (grew up in SA) and we are going back next week to visit family. I haven't really ever taken DS to a park in SA. Are there any toddler friendly parks? My dad lives in castle hills, grandmother in Alamo heights. I'm willing to drive somewhere around there. We are also going to do the zoo and sea world. Any other suggestions? TIA!

Re: Parks good for toddlers

  • I would just go to neighborhood parks. They usually are good.
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    I know that Hollywood park has a nice park to play at with a nice playset, baby swings, and a sand pit (volleyball pit) to play in. It's on El Portal St.

    Then, near Shavano Park on Heubner just past Vance Jackson is Orsinger park with similar things.

    I'm sure there are some great parks closer to Alamo Heights, I just don't know that area as well.

    BTW, we're still moving up there in July sometime....

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  • McAllister Park is a good one... I love the first park off of the Money Tree entrance. Very toddler friendly!!!

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  • There's Walker Park (or something like that) on West Ave just past Nakoma. It has a nice play area and is very near Castle Hills. In Alamo Heights Olmos Park has a nice play area, fields, picnic areas, etc. Its off Devine Road right by the baseball fields. 
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