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well it looks like I am out..

Spotting as of 5 mins ago, a day early which sucks even more. I was fairly opptimistic this cycle. ugghh this sucks. On to cycle #8 I guess. This will be my last chance to have a 2010 baby and my last cycle before we move on with testing. It seems like it just hurts more and more every failed cycle.

*maybe I can still pray that it is some super late implantation bleeding. lol*

I know better than that, with the temp dip and everything else, it is time to accept a failed cycle #7.

Thanks for listening girls

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Re: well it looks like I am out..

  • I'm sorry! I hope cycle 8 is your lucky cycle!
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    4/5 lap revealed blocked left tube, but right tube is open
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    June 1- 100 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI #1 = BFN
    June 28- 100 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI #2 =BFP!
    7/12 Beta #1= 14 Beta #2= >5 Chemical Pregnancy :(
    July-Nov long break to recover emotionally and financially
    Nov 24- 100 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI #3= BFN
    Jan 22- Gonal-F + Ovidrel + IUI# 4 = CANCELLED no response on right
    IVF #1- Start stims 4/7, ER 4/20, 21R, 14F, 6 frosties, ET 4/25, 2 embryos transferred= BFN :(
    FET #1- June 2012, Lurpon starts 5/27- CANCELLED
    FET #1 take 2- August 2012, delayed until Sept-CANCELLED
    FET #1 take 3- ET 10/11, 2 embryos transferred,= BFFN
    FET #2- Transfer 12/4--Cancelled, no embies survived thaw :(
    Next steps-- IVF #2 with new RE in March
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  • Big hugs!  So sorry about the temp drop and spotting. 

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you that #8 will be your lucky one and you can avoid your next planned steps.

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  • I'm sorry. I'm especially sorry that it hurts more this time around. Here's hoping cycle 8 is your lucky one and that you get that 2010 baby you're hoping for.


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  • I'm sorry. Hopefully # 8 will be your lucky cycle!

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  • I'm sorry :( Good luck next cycle.
  • MyshMysh member
    I'm so sorry. ((hugs))
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  • ::hugs::   Good luck on cycle 8.

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  • I'm sorry. :(  I hope cycle #8 is your BFP cycle and you get your 2010 baby!  GL.
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  • Awww so sorry to hear this. Hopefully you'll be lucky this next cycle. Fingers crossed for you!
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  • So sorry to hear that. CD1 is a tough day, hopefully #8 is your lucky cycle!
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  • I'm sorry!  GL on Cycle #7!!
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  • CD1 always hurts!! Hope that its gets better for you and cycle 8 is your lucky number
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  • So sorry :( good luck next cycle! I am the same as you cycle #7.. waiting to see if af shows up in a few days :(
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  • I am in the same situation, although the spotting hasn't started yet but I do have cramps.

    I agree it gets more and more difficult every cycle. I wish I had the testing to look forward to like you do to get some answers but my OB wants me to wait the full year. Bummer

    Hoping #8 is lucky!

    after 2+ years, 3 failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs with a c/p
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  • Good luck on Cycle number 8.. sorry to hear about number 7
  • I'm so sorry!  GL on cycle 8.
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  • Sorry to hear it and best of luck in cycle #8!
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  • the first day always hurts most.

    do something for yourself today ... get a massage ... buy a cute outfit ... take a walk with a friend - or grab a big caffeinated drink while you still can because you will get your BFP!!!

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  • Im so sorry... :::hugs::::
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  • Sorry, GL this cycle!
  • Here's to a lucky number 8!!!!!  Yes
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  • I'm sorry.  Good luck on cycle #8!  Hoping its your lucky cycle!
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  • I'm so sorry, J&Lo....I think I'm right behind you though.

    Let's go drink together.


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