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cloth diapers

does anyone use or have used or plan on using cloth diapers?

Re: cloth diapers

  • I did plan on it and never went through with it. This mom just did a post on it:
  • A few of my friends do, if you post you're questions I'll send them the link so they can answer them for you :)
    image image
  • We do! I love that I don't keep spending money on disposables and filling up landfills.

    Cannot recommend Crunchy Clean enough, first off. That's the detergent we use for them. I have about 35 bum genius, and for about a year they worked great. Now the velcro is not sticking well. I hear they can be sent back and replaced, but that would be inconvenient.

    If I ever buy more I will get some fuzzi bunz, they have snaps and seem to hold up better in the wash.

    If you have more questions, let me know! 



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