Trying to Get Pregnant


so 4 tests later 2 dye a pink and blue and 2 different brand digital all are saying i am KTFU...

So i was getting a bonus today at work i thought would be 1k and ended up being 11k!

So i came in and told DH i brought 2 great things home from work and told him to pick a pocket - i had the check in one and the test in the other.  It was great he is so excited! again we are cautious but thrilled.

the check didnt hurt either since we are closing on the new house in a month!

we are going out to dinner to celebrate - before i start feeling sick.


Things i did different this month:

Used Preseed, had more sex than usual, and really that is it.  I have been drinking green tea but did not do the pom or pineapple this month.



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