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Northern AZ Mommas?

Just wondering if any mommies are north of the valley? I am in Prescott Valley, about 90 miles north on the 17, and am feeling lonely in this little town full of old people. I am from Phx, I miss amount of stuff there is to do. I don't usually post local but I thought I would give it a try.

Re: Northern AZ Mommas?

  • I'm in Sedona. I have found local mom groups on FaceBook and MeetUp. The doulas and midwives in your area should know about any local mommy groups, too. They are easy to find when you google "Prescott Midwife" or Prescott Doula".

    It is a different lifestyle in the rural areas, isn't it?

  • It is very different. I mean we have probably 80,000 combined in the quad city but the pace is so slow, which is fine. It's beautiful here and I love it. I will look into a mommys group here. We didn't go the doula or midwife way although I really wanted our midwife, she attended our c/s though which was great. I will google it, thanks for the ideas.
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  • I was admiring your baby and noticed the Irish name, the shamrock tie, and the plaid banner. Hmm. FYI The Prescott Highlanders are pretty big around here and they are hosting a festival in Camp Verde on March 28. It's my favorite festival to attend!
  • I will look into them, that would be a great day trip. Thanks!
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