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OB recs for Mary Birch?

We are new to the area & I was trying to find a great OB that will take Sharp healthplans. Any good recs for doctors that deliver at Sharp MB?



Re: OB recs for Mary Birch?

  • I'm a patient with Sharp Rees-Stehly doctors.  We have Dr. Barmeyer, and he's great. He delivered friends' twins, and a nurse I met at the hospital also had him as her OB. I didn't research, shop around, etc - Just went with what was close to my work and recommended by my nurse practitioner in the same OB office. But, we're happy so far!  The OB office is literally next door to Mary Birch (well, on the other side of the parking structure), so it's easy for him to come over when our delivery time comes.
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  • Dr. Barmeyer delivered my son! He's fantastic. I personally have Dr. Phillip Diamond, but he is out of SRS Otay Ranch (but delivers at Mary Birch). I've been his patient for about 10 years and I love him. But, Dr. Barmeyer is very good, too!
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    Hey T! Mary Birch is pretty far. Why not Scripps Encinitas? That's where I delivered my son and I had a great experience.

    Maybe we could do a park this week for a playdate?

  • Dr. Baxter if you prefer a female OB she delivers at Mary Birch.
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  • I got to Dr. McNally at Womens Wellness - she's awesome and right next door to MB!
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  • I don't personally go to Dr. Barmeyer but I have friends who do and say he's wonderful.

    If the Dr. Baxter is actually Dr. Baxter Jones I do NOT agree.  I had her for my GYN (after multiple people said they liked her) and after my first visit I never went back.  Also, my friends who went to her no longer do, they have since had bad experiences with her.

    I go to West Coast OB.  It's a practice with 4 MD's so the idea is you meet everyone before your delivery.  There are also 2 NP's who you see for the majority of your visits.  I still haven't decided if I like this idea 100%.  I have met 3 MD's, Dr. Goodwin (nice), Dr. Bales (did NOT like her, not personal, didn't introduce herself) and Dr. Saffer (LOVED him!  Hoping he's on for my delivery).  Dr. French is the last one I haven't met but I know people who love her.  Their office is across the street from SMB. 

    Good luck with whoever you should decide on!

  • I'm another one with Dr. Barmeyer.  My general practitioner who I have been seeing for 10 years recommended him to me and I trust her completely.  So far, so good but of course, I have not had he baby yet so hopefully the delivery goes smoothly. 
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  • Dr. Diamond delivered my baby at Mary Birch!  He was really great - would love to have him as my regular OB, but he's too far away.  I use Dr. Lafferty (male) at Grossmont - he's pretty great, too.  I really like his nurse practitioner, Lisa Clark, who I actually spent more time with.  She literally saved my life when I was just under 3 months pregnant with my daughter (made me get a mole checked out that was malignant melanoma).  Highly, highly recommend both.  Although, it sounds like there's lots of thumbs up on Dr. Barmeyer, too.  :-)  Good luck with your search! 
  • My husband called the labor and delivery nurses station and asked a couple of them which doctors they recommend.  The nurses were very candid and honest and helpful for us.  Dr. McNally and Dr. Huskey were two OBs that they named as excellent. 

     We live in Solana Beach and also chose to make the trek to Mary Birch to have our baby. 

     Best wishes!

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