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I am looking to schedule a dentist appointment before we start TTC.  Do any of you San Antonio girls have opinions on pregnancy and dentist visits... know of any dentists that are particulary knowledgeable about dental issues and pregnancy, have any feedback at all?  I am guessing most girls skip the recommended visit before conceiving, but I am well overdue for a visit anyway!


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Re: dentists

  • what area of town are you looking for?


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  • Wellllllll...... my sister is a dental hygenist (and a mom), so she is a little biased.... but she actually has me come in for an extra cleaning during pregnancy. 

    Your gums are extra sensitive during pregancy, and it is better to catch things early so you can avoid major dental work while pregnant.  Also, you won't get x-rays during cleanings while pregnant (only for major work), so it is better to get it out of the way BEFORE TTC.

    She has shown me lots of studies that link poor dental hygiene with low birth weights, etc - appearently the bacteria that causes cavities can enter the bloodstream and cause problems!

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  • I've been to the dentist since being pregnant and the only thing they didn't do were X-rays.   I did let them know that sometimes, I would get nausea from brushing and I would let them know if you if I started to feel sick during the cleaning.   I really like my dentist.   I go to Garrison Family Dentist.   They are located on Bulverde at Evans.
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