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Thoughts on Mia?

I think we've agreed on naming our LO Mia, but my main concern is that it doesn't translate well into adulthood. Thoughts? And, do you like the name in general?

Her name would be Mia Catherine Gricci (pronounced gree-chee)


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Re: Thoughts on Mia?

  • I think it transfers to adulthood very well. I like the name. My mom's name is Maria and all of my brother's friends call her Mia. She's 56 and it works just fine for her! I agree that Mia Catherine is a beautiful combo. It just works in every way, and sounds great with your last name too. I love it!
  • I love the name Mia! I think there will be more adult Mia's by the time she grows up.


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  • I think that Mia Catherine sounds beautiful and as the others said it does translate well into adulthood.

    I also love the name Amelia if you want to use Mia as a nickname.  

  • Mia is not my style and it always makes me think of M.I.A./"missing in action". That said, I think it sounds great with Catherine and with your last name. So if you like it, go for it. It's a nice name :o)
  • I think it transfers really well to adulthood! 

    I love the name--my 6 year old niece is Mia. was Uma's character in "Pulp Fiction"!  ;) 

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  • It is my absolute favorite girl name (it's DD#1's name). It's so similar to Maria that I think it will age well with her. Plus, it's fairly popular now so it won't be unusual at all for there to be other adult Mia's.
  • Well, my OB's name is Mia so I think it translates perfectly fine to adulthood/the professional world. I really like the name, and Mia Catherine is beautiful.

  • I think it is okay... I actually think the opposite :) I cannot imagine calling a baby/child "Mia" but think that it sounds great for an adult woman!
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  • I love it ... it is the name my hubby and I have chosen for our little girl ... it will be nice to have a few more around .. as it's still not super popular! 
  • I love it and I definitely think it sounds good for an adult.
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    I think it's a pretty name. My mom is a teacher and the principal of the school is named Mia. She has her doctorate and is well known in the education system. I think it ages well! Love Catherine!
  • Thumbs up from me!  If we ever had another DD, she would be a Mia Charlotte. 
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