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first belly laugh!!!

Kai just made his first real laugh!  We were giving him a bath and DH and I were goofing around.  DH tried to stick the soap bottle down my sweatpants and I squealed.  We look over and Kai is cracking up in the tub.  He must have laughed for a good 20 second straight.

You know what this means, right?  Im gonna be acting like a total moron tomorrow trying to get him to do it again.

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Re: first belly laugh!!!

  • So sweet!! I LOVE when they start to laugh. DS hasn't had a real laugh yet. I can't wait. Ds1 used to laugh when I would sing narles Barkley. The part where he says "hootie who hootie who hootie who who do you think you are?! Hahaha bless your soul!"
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  • Love it! I cannot wait to hear Neena's first belly laugh.


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  • I cried when DS did about a week ago, just like I do w/ all his 1st.  So sweet, & so true that once they do - you'll do anything to get them to do it again.  Enjoy it!
  • Mina had her first laugh last night!! I was blowing on her feet, and she laughed up a storm. We caught it on video!! Loved it, but I couldn't get her to do it today...I'll be trying my hardest tomorrow. I might have to sing like PP said!
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