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So cute. :)

I've been teaching my dogs to pray before their meal.  Normally, I ask them to sit and then do something like count or talk to them, make them wait patiently for 10 seconds or so before saying "at ease!" which is their release command and they know they can eat.

I thought I could say "amen!" in a very similar way and they might think it was their release command, and sure enough, they do! 

So, now I say something like, "dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for this kibble that we're about to eat.  Thank you for the sunshine and warm breeze.  Please help me with my barking and when I growl at the old lady next door when she takes her trash out.  Please help me when I get stressed from losing my toy under the couch.  And please teach me not to drool when mom is giving me a treat.  In Jesus' name, amen!"

And they eat.

It is TOO FREAKING CUTE.  I love it.  They have no idea what the heck I'm doing, but I don't care!  lol

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Re: So cute. :)

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    I love this.  Love.  How freaking funny!

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  • imageTim'sWifey:

    I will have to do that!  We've been practicing for about a week now so I think another week they might have it perfected.  :) One of my dogs, Vinnie (who is the one who really needs the looks at me sort-of skeptical when I say "amen."  He still stands up, but he looks at me for approval almost before he eats, like he knows it wasn't QUITE "at ease!"  My other dog, Stella, definitely doesn't care and knows both phrases start with an "a" so she is perfectly OK with that, LOL.

    They bring joy to my life.

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