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POLL: Brands

I think this has been done before but I'm curious again.

Are there certain things that you have to buy certain brands/name brands?  Are there things that you go with the store brand or whichever is cheapest?


I HAVE to get name brand pads/tampons (because I can't just trust some things), deodorant, face wash but that's really about it. 

Lately I've been picky about bread for dieting reasons and I'd always get the name brand mac'n'cheese when I wasn't dieting ;)

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Re: POLL: Brands

  • Like you, I get brand name for tampons, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner.

    I also buy name brand (Kraft or Annie's Oranics) mac-n-cheese. Peanut butter is also a must. I have tried generic a couple times and it's been gross.

  • imageDC2London:
    I have to have name  brand tampons.  For some silly reason generic anything being up my vag just freaks me out.  With any health/beauty product I am always willing to try the store brand and, if I like it, I stick to it (unless the name brand is on sale/I have a coupon so it's a better deal, etc).  Any groceries I can find in the 365 Organics brand at Whole Foods, I stick to that. 

    I just bought shampoo and conditioner from Whole Foods last week (the 365 Organics brand)for the first time and I LOVE it. It smells amazing.

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  • I'm very picky with tampons as well, so I stick with brand name.  Flour, rice, sugar and other things that you can't mess up, I will buy generic.  I also get generic tylenol, nyquil and other otc stuff.

    Usually I check ingredient lists for different foods to see if I want to try the generic and if the generic's lists arent totally whackadoo I'll get them.  

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  • I bought some generic pads for the first time a few months ago and was shocked when I loved them. They do a much better job than the Always I had been using and are half the price. I probably will keep buying the generic ones.

    My dh will only eat Velveeta Shells and Cheese brand. I can't think of anything else I buy exclusively name-brand at the moment. 

  • Peanut butter, mac & cheese (kraft).  There are probably others...

    I LOVE Target brand tampons, kleenex, lotion, etc.  :)

    I must have generic paper towels.  The texture of the expensive ones really skeeve me out. 


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  • Cat litter, dog food, and cat food.

    Everything else except deodorant I can usually do generic.

    I used to be a Charmin wh0re, but I hate their stupid bear commercials and refuse to use their toilet paper now.  We just buy ALDI brand.

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