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One of my girls has really bad reflux and is on Prevacid in the morning and Zantac at night, with Maalox as needed.  We also give her saline drops before each meal to help with any mucus that might be built up.  She gets a combination of breast milk and Enfamil Enfacare, just shy of 4 oz. total per meal.  I spread her feedings out over an hour, which helps sometimes, but there are still a few meals a day that she's leaving an ounce or more in the bottle.  My problem is that instead of getting better, she seems to be getting worse over the last few days.  The pedi is concerned that she's not gaining enough weight, but doesn't know what else we can do for her. 

What do your pedis have your LOs on to combat reflux?  Do I have any other options?  I just don't know what to do, and I can't stand to see her in so much pain and not be able to do anything for her!


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  • Poor baby :( We've got DD on Prevacid and it's been great for us, so I hope other moms can chime in with advice. Are you cutting the Enfacare to be high-calorie? DD has weight gain issues as well (not related to the reflux) and we cut ours to 24cal/oz under pedi's orders. I believe you can go even higher if necessary.
  • I have my girls on Prilosec and a bit of rice cereal.  We cut their breastmilk with Neosure to add up to 24-26 cals/ounce (formula and BM is usually around 20-22 cals).  We keep them upright and they sleep at an angle.  

    Those things seem to help. 

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  • Simon's pulmonologist recommended using an allimental formula like Similac Allimentum.  It is supposed to be easier to break down, so it passes through their system faster.  It didn't work for us, but it works for some.  He also adjusted his Prevacid so that instead of 1.1ml 1x/day, he got 1.0ml 2x/day and that made a world of difference.  Around 4 months we weened him off the meds and just used rice cereal to thicken the formula.  That worked well for us too.
  • What dose of prevacid? Is it solutabs or liquid suspension?

    The suspension does not work as well as the other forms.. and you may need to up the dose. 

    If that still doesn't seem to help, you can also try nexium. 

    Check on this dosing guide to see if the dose can go up:


  • Sorry I'm just now following up; my internet connection died and I haven't been able to access!  I really appreciate the suggestions!  We have a weight check in a week so I'm hoping that we can up dosages then.
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