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Love-Hate Relationship (PIP)

Does LO have a love-hate relationship with anything? J has a bear that he *loves* but then a second later, he hates it! He smiles when he sees it then he bites its head or butt and starts screaming and crying! It's hilarious yet disturbing at the same time :)




Re: Love-Hate Relationship (PIP)

  • thats funny! fletch has that with certain foods...he'll throw strawberries over the edge and then obsessively inhale them in the same sitting!
  • ahahahahahahaha! Ari has a winnie the pooh bear that he was like that with as an infant. so funny! if i find the video clip of it i will post it. hilarious! now he can't sleep without his "Bear"
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  • Just with food. I wish he was that way with a teddy bear instead - less messy Stick out tongue
  • yes ive seen that with food and toys.  i used to think it was so funny when sim toddlers did that in the game but now i see that its based on reality.
  • HAHAHahahhaahha!  We have this thing:

     We call it "the toy of insanity."  She will grab it if it's anywhere near her, scream if you take it away, but all she does is yell at it and try to get it into her mouth.  It almost always ends in tears. 

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  • Oh yeah! Love hate with ME!!!!  Sometimes she smiles at me and then a few minutes later she is just plain unimpressed with me.  And she is also like that with her toys too.  I have to put them away for 4 days and then resurrect them.
  • I'm so relieved that Aaron isn't the only baby who does this.

    He LOVES Sophie the Giraffe.  He chews on her. Squeaks her. 


    He YELLS at her. It's like she's not easing his teething pain and he gets mad. He's done this to other toys, too. But generally teething toys.


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  • Jace is so darn handsome! Where have you been, we all miss you
  • (sigh) oh yeah with the darn remote control (yes, back to that again) ... and I even bought him a toy one but he won't have it - MUST be the real one!  He'll play with it for hours until he'll bang himself in the head with it by mistake and then he'll yell at it and throw it on the floor....

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