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AF - exactly one year late

So last year on this date I hosted a bridal shower at my house.  When we set the date for the shower I remember thinking "oh no, that is the day that AF is supposed to arrive".  Since I get the fully loaded AF package that includes horrible cramps, bloating, migraines, and general b!tchiness, I was a little bit worried, but figured "oh well".  In the days leading up to the shower I baked hundreds of mini desserts, and wondered why the heck I was SO tired.  Not to mention hungry.  And then AF never showed.  Of course we have beautiful Olivia to thank for that.  I just think it is kind of funny that AF shows up today, for the first time, exactly one year late.  Funny in a crampy, bloaty, b!tchy kind of way....Tongue Tied 

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