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How do you know when to move on to a larger CD size?

My girls are currently in medium FB and one-size bG. The FB are my favorite for daytime use but they seem to go pretty low in front.... like well under their belly buttons. We're not having any leaking issues, but they seem to fit a little oddly (particularly on Charlotte, who is 95th percentile for height). Just wondering how to know when it's time to move up a size... particularly since they are snapped all the way shut at their waists!

Re: How do you know when to move on to a larger CD size?

  • wait - you mean you have them on the tightest snaps around the waist?  then i wouldn't think you want to go up to a large FB, it would just be bigger, wouldn't that be bad?  i know most people never have to use the large because mediums fit for so long...DD is in 80% for height and has a HUGE beer belly so they usually are under her belly button too but i never thought that was odd.  maybe it's just how the diaper is made?  or maybe i'm not understanding correctly - either way, if it's not leaking, i would go with what you've already got!  it would be expensive to upgrade when they'll probably potty train soon-ish too...
  • lots of diapers hang under the waist when babies get that belly.

    we knew to let the legs out on his FB OS when he spent one night crying EXCEPT when he diaper was being changed and we figure out that, as my husband said "His underwear is too tight! You'd be screaming too if your underwear was crushing your junk." Not his "Junk", but certainly his little thighs.

    I think as long as there's no leaking, no signs of tightness, and she's comfortable, go with it.

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