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1st appt. sucked

I deleted my Pregnant ticker because there was no hb, only a sac at my u/s yesterday. I may be 5 weeks, or the baby may not be developing. It was also the first time I have seen this OB and he was the WORST Dr. I have been to since Planned Parenthood. He kept asking me if I wanted to see a genetic counselor, like 3 or 4 times. Told me I have to stop breastfeeding like 3 times, and kept asking "why so soon" "didn't anyone talk to you about birth control?" I wanted to smack him in the face. I just said we want this baby, I want to be pregnant, I am 39 and don't have a lot of time to waste. I requested another doctor, I am with Kaiser now so I can't see my doctor from last time who I loved. It was so lame. SO. LAME.
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Re: 1st appt. sucked

  •  It's still early, so hopefully a baby is still developing in there.

    And what an arse to ask why so soon. That really isn't his concern.


  • I'm so sorry you had such a sucky appt....hang in there!
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  • I am so sorry about that.  What hospital did you go to?
  • I'm so sorry your doc is an a$$. It's very possible it's too early for a heartbeat. I am just shocked at the doc's bedside manner!
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  • SO lame.  I'm sorry you had to deal with that.  With Margaux, my first ultrasound at 6 weeks found "nothing viable," I was devastated.  It turns out she was just too small to see, and we saw her just fine at 7+ weeks.  Why would you have to stop breastfeeding?  Did he even give a reason?

    I am so sorry. 

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  • He said that it is too much for my body to be feeding 3 people, me, Brigid, and the new baby. He also says it causes uterine contractions and can cause early labor. I have heard that before, and only planned on BF for a few more months since I don't want to nurse them both, but I don't believe it's dangerous to the fetus. Thinking about it historically it seems to me that women have probably been BF while pregnant for a long time. It may be a moot point anyway as I am already losing my milk from the pg hormones. It was just so annoying how insistent he was. Also he said he regularly does episiotomies and I should have had one.

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  • Boo to crappy doctors! As if you weren't freaked out enough.

    I'm so hopeful that all is well with the bean.

  • wow. what an insensitive douche. i am super quick tempered when i am pregnant so I think he would've been wearing my handprint on his cheek after all that. I'm sorry you had to listen to that!!!
  • imageSunny70:

    Also he said he regularly does episiotomies and I should have had one.

    ACK!!! My foot would have mysteriously found itself up against his gonads for this comment and the others you posted earlier!  you're much, much nicer than me ...

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  • I am so sorry. What a horrific doc.

    I hope your next appt is beautiful :)

  • I'm so sorry you had such an a$$holic doctor and hope that your next doctor is better and that your next appointment is more positive.

    I also hope that this pregnancy is viable. However it turns out, I'm thinking of you.


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  • Oh, what a horrible doctor. His bedside manner, or lack there of, was inexcusable. I hope it was just too early and you couldn't see anything yet.

    I hope you have a much better experience all the way around next time.

    FWIW, several of the mommies on the AP and EFF boards are BF-ing through pregnancy. I think they just eat a little more and up their daily vitamins.

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  • You can nurse while expecting....get a new doc!!
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  • WTF.  He sounds absolutely horrible. His comments were insensitive and even worse they were baseless.  So glad you are getting a new doctor.

  • What a DB!  I am glad you are getting a new dr and hope your next appt goes better.
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  • I am so sorry, I am sending you bug (((HUGS)))
  • Thank you so much ladies, I got an appt. with another Dr. scheduled on the 12th. I actually met this doc in the hallway on the way to meet with Dr. Bonehead and he was really nice. Nothing to do but wait, take my vitamins and BF my daughter! lol.  I actually started supplementing with formula yesterday to take the pressure off, she's gotta eat whether I can produce enough or not. I am still pumping & BF but my supply dropped by half. I hope our new little one grows big and strong by the 12th.

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  • M.AmyM.Amy member
    I am so sorry he was such a jerk. You deserve someone better.
  • 5 weeks is really soon, I bet you'll see a h/b in about 3 weeks, don't lose hope! I didn't go in for my first appt until 8 weeks and I'd do that again if I get pg with #2.

    I hope you find a new doctor soon!

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