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Postpartum Depression

Did Zoloft make it worse for anyone?

If so, please share your experience if you don't mind.


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Re: Did Zoloft make it worse for anyone?

  • not personally, but I have heard of meds worsening your symptoms. If that's the case there are dozens of other meds you can be put on so definitely talk it over with your doc and see what they say. The other option would be to increase your dosage if it isn't being as effective anymore, but not sure if that's what your case is?


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  • It can take a couple weeks for the medicine to work, that being said, 50 mg was not working for me (I became more depressed/withdrawn) so my OB upped it to 100mg and I noticed a difference within days. Talk to your doc about maybe increasing the dose first.
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  • Zoloft made me crazy (more anxiety and felt like a zombie) and by day four I was throwing up.  At that point we decided to try something else.
  • I was on 50 mg for 3 weeks for anxiety and felt a little better, but still having anxiety.  My psych increased my dose to 100 mg, but told me to go to 75 mg for a few days first.  I'm on day 4 of 75 mg and feel either not better or a little bit worse (but, I too am returning to work tomorrow so that might be why I feel worse the past few days).  I'm really really hoping that 100 mg is the dose for me, because I hate feeling this way.  I want to continue breastfeeding and don't know if I can with other meds.  Also, I don't want to keep switching to different meds to find one that works.  I just want to feel better already...
  • I'm on the fence, I've got an appt. to talk to my dr.

    I've been on Zoloft and Ripserdal for about a month now. My anxiety has improved but, the depression is the same.

  • I hated being on it.  I was on 50mg for a few months.  I have mostly anxiety issues and this was not the drug for me.  I am going to see a psychologist soon...so I am hoping she will prescribe me something else to calm me down.  I was getting diarrhea & nausea.  I also had a lot of trouble sleeping and NO sexual desires.  I am glad I stopped taking it.  
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  • I tried zoloft for 2 days and they were the worst 2 days ever.  More anxiety, insomnia, crawling out of my skin.  I stiopped and swicthed meds with success.  Some people just need to find the right med.

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