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Have you heard of this?

Is there an insert you can place in the diaper so absorb more wetness?  What is the name of it and where can I get it?

Re: Have you heard of this?

  • I think you are talking about a diaper "doubler". I googled and found this one. I don't have any recommendations, but I have heard of them.



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  • Do you CD G? If so, I've found that there's only so much you can stuff into the pockets :(

    Don't know about sposies. 

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  • Yes, it's for Cloth diapers, tho.  Not sure if they'll work for disposables, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

    Here's a website for a CD retailer in my town.. she has all kinds of info on her website:

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  • They make disposable doublers for disposables. Actually, I think they started out as disposable doublers for cloth back in the 70's, then were used in disposables - but I could be wrong.

    You could use a cloth doubler, but you would have to wash it in a CD friendly way (CD friendly laudry detergent and no softner) or it would not absorb and might even burn little G's lady bits Crying.


    Diaper DoublersDiaper DoublersDiaper Doublers
         2770 diaper booster pad                              MSC326005 double-ups                           2072 mini booster pad
         no adhesive strip                                        with adhesive strip                                     with adhesive strip

    The Diaper Booster Pads, Double-up Liners and the TopLiner Mini Booster Pads are an extra absorbency pad insert for use in any diaper, training pant or any other absorbent undergarment when extra leakage protection is needed, such as overnight, shopping trips or the unavailability of a changing room.

    thereby extending the use of the diaper providing a convenient and economical way to save on product usage.

    -->The Diaper Booster Pad is similar to the original diaper doubler.
    The Double-Up is similar to the original with an added adhesive strip. The Mini Booster is very fast absorbing.

    Because the Topliner Mini Booster is smaller it must be placed
    to the front for boys and the middle for girls.


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  • oooh!  thanks Daisies!
  • Hmmm...interesting.  i had never heard of anything like this before today.
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