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I know this question comes up a lot but I'm looking for ideas on what to get for my two friends that are hosting my baby shower.  I feel like flowers are cliche and a day spa is nice but wondering if anyone has other creative ideas?  Thanks!

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  • Myabe a clutch or wallet or wristlet from Vera Bradley (they are having a sale right now and there is some cheap, cute stuff marked down.) Some small Bath and Body works stuff in a cute little basket. Candles, a gift card to their favorite store, or just need to figure out what the person likes.
  • If I were hosting, I'd prefer a giftcard. You probably know them well enough to pick out a place for a giftcard. Movie theater, Starbucks, iTunes, a craft store, a winery or a nail place maybe?

    I'm not a fan of giving candles and bath and body works - it seems like the go-to thing when you can't think of anything else. The last wedding I was in was a bag with tons of bath and body works stuff - I took it all back because it was like she intentionally picked out the worst smells. :-)

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  • I would prefer a gift card to one of my fav stores.  If they are your friends you obviously know where they like to shop or eat.  If you don't want to do a gift card then maybe take them out to dinner?
  • I've had one friend give me an AMEX gift card with a nice note saying for my husband and I I to go out to dinner... loved it.  I had another friend give me a gift card to a high-end restaurant group chain that has 8 or 9 restaurants to choose from and said "dinner on me."  The amount of the gift cards were both pretty high, so we could easily have a nice dinner with dessert and drinks and not have to pay much at all out of pocket.  I really appreciated it.

    For a good friend of mine, I recently gave her a gift bag including:

    She works at a hospital and takes her lunch everyday, so I got her a gourmet getaway lunch bag ( 

    I put a bottle of wine, some chocolates, a gift card to william-sonoma, and a magazine subscription for a year to cooking lite (I got it at for like $12 / year)

    She loved it. 

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