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WTF? help please

henry woke up last night around 1 screaming, and when i got him out of his crib, he was burning up. usually, i just have to hold him for a second to calm him down, but he was totally freaking out last night. it took 2 of us 20-30 minutes to calm him down. it turned out he had a fever of 104.1, so we were just about to give him some motrin when his eyes rolled back in his head and he threw up all over me. we ended up getting some motrin in him and we all went back to bed.

fast forward to this morning: he's fine. like running around, no fever, no grouchiness, nothing! he was exposed to H1N1 on tuesday (thanks, neighbors who neglected to tell me their son had been tested THAT day, even though the test hadn't come back yet... i didn't even know he was sick!), so i assumed that's what it was but now i just don't know. anyone have this happen?? (thank goodness we have his 18-month appointment today!)


Re: WTF? help please

  • OMG...that is scary.  what a great coincidence that you have an appt w/ your doc today. 
  • Strange - I would've been a little freaked out last night, and make a pedi appt. today to get him checked out (but glad you already had an appt. and glad he seems to be better).

    Stupid neighbor not telling you their kid was sick - - WTH is wrong with people?!?

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  • I would have freaked out.  That sounds scary!  I glad he's seeming better today.  Hopefully the dr wil have more insight.

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  • poor henry and poor mommy!! i def. would have been freaked out!! im glad u have an appt. scheduled for today and how the hell is a parent letting their kid play with another kid when they were tested for h1n1 that same day and ditn have results yet!! F''d up! let us know what the dr. says.
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  • That is very scary! Please give us an update as to what the Pedi says!


  • It is good you are going to the doctor. Our doctor told us with H1N1 that the fever normally sets in during the early evening and is gone during the day (but will return in the evening). And that is reason why so many people did not know they were really sick (feeling fine during the day). Hopefully it was just a little virus. Keep us posted!
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