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Confirmed - It's a boy!

Well, the 15 week ultrasound was right - definitely a boy. =)  Great anatomy ultrasound and everything looked great and measuring right on target.  Me too!  Up 10 pounds at 19 weeks and great bloodpressure... woohoo!

Ahhhhh.... now to start shopping for little boy clothes. =)  It is nice that I will be able to by some new stuff since we aren't changing a single thing about the nursery! 

Re: Confirmed - It's a boy!

  • Congrats! Little boys are a blast!

    Ryder Patrick, born 11.23.2009
  • Welcome to team blue!!! Congrats Dawn!

  • So fun!!! Does sweet baby boy have a name?
  • image lauren&matt:
    So fun!!! Does sweet baby boy have a name?

    Jacob for sure after Mark's late grandfather, Jake - still working on a MN.

  • I love that name!!!!!! Really, I do! It's on my short list for a boy, haha!!!  I don't think it's on Matt's list though. :)
  • Congrats!!  I really am loving having a boy and girl :)
  • Congrats! Btw, responded to your haircuit post below.
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