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Diaper changes?

I am wondering if you wise women have any advice on timing diaper changes. I feel like we change his diaper and within 15 minutes he is pooping. I hate leaving him wet waiting for a poop but as I am preparing to transition to cloth I want to try and minimize the number of changes. Maybe I am asking something impossible but if you have ideas I am open.

Also, for those of you cloth diapering boys... what prefold method did you use?

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Re: Diaper changes?

  • it gets better, i promise! but in the begining you do LOTS of diaper changes. evan was always in just a tshirt or onesie and babylegs for most of his first month of life... so much easier for changes.
  • We changed Evan constantly when he was really little.  We went WAY above the 12 or so diapers a day that they say.  That is why we started with disposables for the first few weeks.  There really is no way to cut down on the number of diaper changes. 

    We CD with regular pre-folds/diaper covers and the technique is shown on our diaper service website  Our dipaer service is changing to a hybrid system as a trial soon, which apparently does not require folding.  We always tuck his penis down, and this has eliminated leaks for us.  At night, we put him in one size fits all, fleece lined diaper.   

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  • Sounds about right! lol

    Charlie almost always pooped during or right after a feeding, so if we were close to that time I would just wait to change him. But you go through los & lots of diapers!

     At first I used a tri-fold (just fold the PF in 3rds and stick it in the cover), but it didn't fit him too well that way. So I used the newspaper fold (I think that's what its called? The one where you fold it in 3rds in the front, but leave "wings" in the back, fold down the extra in the front for more protection). As he got a little bigger we started using the twist. My friend has a 6 week old & she twists hers & its working well!

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  • you go through a lot of diapers a day.  there isn't a way to minimize on the changes.  I thikn they say about 12 diapers a day.  We always did the newspaper like kim called it. 
  • Ok, I guess its the angel wing fold that we used, its similar to the newspaper though

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  • OK. Maybe I'm a bad mommy.. but I say leave him wet for a little bit if its not a poopy diaper.. When Eve was little, I almost never changed a non-poopy diaper.. not because I never changed her, but because she pooped CONSTANTLY.. I'd say just her POOPY diapers were 10 a day.. She pooped every time she ate..
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  • I changed Evan a LOT more than Leah. I change poop right away, but pee goes a bit sometimes. Like Melissa said - in the very beginning they poop so much anyway. But now that she is almost two months - it has slowed way down.

    Evan was circumsized so we had to make sure that was dry and taken care of.

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