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f/u To Dropping a Nap

Ari was kind of cranky around usual nap time today, but not interested in sleeping, so DH didn't fight him. We don't really "fight" him to get him to sleep anyway, it's an uphill battle, but ykim. Anyway, he finally fell asleep during our nursing break around 12:45 & has been sleeping soundly ever since.

Fingers crossed he does better tonight than he has been.

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Re: f/u To Dropping a Nap

  • I think Becca is dropping a nap too.  We used to have one at 10, 1 and 4.  The last few days its been 11 and 3.  Thank goodness I'm paying attention or things could have gotten ugly. 

    She's fast asleep right now and I might be able to get some work done. 

  • My fingers are crossed for you!
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  • @cubits: Ari dropped down to 2 from 3 around Becca's age. It was kinda crappy for about a week in the evenings but after that he became a champion napper.
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  • I'm jealous of anybody whose child naps consistently enough for them to know if they have dropped a nap... Emmy naps for less than an hour a day, and only when held. ::cries::
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