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Do babies throw their heads back when they are teething, too? My son has been crying inconsolably all day and pitching his head back like he did with reflux symptoms but he's had his Zantac twice today.

What else could this be?

Re: Teething

  • When they're teething sometimes they eat funny, resulting in swallowing air, making them gassy.  Also food sensitivities can get worse around 3-4 months if that's a possibility?
  • DS does the head throwing back thing alot so I couldn't say.  Is the Zantac enough?  I know some on here have tried that and it didn't work.
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  • His family doctor had never seen a baby with reflux before so we had to go to the ER to get a diagnosis.

    We're finally getting to see a pediatrician on Tuesday. We've been waiting 5 weeks for the appointment so maybe he can shed some light on whether the Zantac is enough.

    The gassiness makes sense... I can hear it rumbling in his tummy sometimes. That could definitely be causing the increased fussiness. Would gripe water help with that?

    Food sensitivities shouldn't be a problem because he is FF and on lactose free formula.

  • Gripe water might help, its certainly worth trying.  Bicycling the legs always helps us the most.
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