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  • Kenner (or Kennah  lol)
  • Slidell.


    LMAO @ Kennah!!

    Nia, Mom to Jayden Michael, Born 12/04/06, Adopted 12/07/06
    And Elias Parker, Born 3.5 weeks early 12/20/2011 image
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  • I'm in Metairie :)
  • Metairie for now.  Hoping to move back to Gretna soon.
  • westbank, yo! (algiers point)

    did you move, saxy? a good friend of mine lives in covington right near madisonville and i spend the night at her house with the boys about once a month. 

    we should meet up at that park in abita springs at the caboose sometime! 

    How to tell my boys apart

    The different types of twins and triplets
    Jack, Sydney and Carynne, Annaleigh, JW, Eden...forever in our hearts.
    My blog * We made the national news!
  • Madisonville
    Kevin & Traci May 11, 2006 Lilypie Third Birthday tickers Photobucket
  • New Orleans, mid city-ish
  • A westbanker here!

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  • Metairie!

  • Gretna




  • Covington! 
    BFP 10/31/12, MC 11/9/12 - We had to say goodbye before we could really say hello. Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • New Orleans, Irish Channel
  • Metry
    2.5 yrs TTC #1 - DX = Stage IV Endo, Lap performed Jan 2010
    TTC #1 - May 2010 - IUI #3: BFP 
    TTC #2 - May 2012 -IUI #2: BFP
    TTC #3 - Jan 2013 -Surprise BFP!
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  • I'm late, but I'm in Houma.
  • I'm later... been MIA for a while.

    Metairie here!


    BFP 1.11.10 - Natural M/C 1.21.10 (5w5d)
    BFP 9.19.10 - Mia Lynn born 5.4.11 (36w6d)
    BFP 8.05.12 - waiting for Baby G2, edd 4.10.13

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  • Metry!

  • Im in Old Metairie. Near Oaklawn and Metairie Rd. ish. ;)
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  • Even later than late- haven't been on here in over a year (at least on the NOLA board. Been months and months since I've been on TB period).

    I'm in Laplace. 

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