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Inexpensive 3D/4D sonos?

Does anyone know of any place that does inexpensive 3D/4D sonos? I've read that radiology schools do it really cheap and that made me think of UTHSC but I tried researching online and couldn't find anything helpful. Let me know if any of you ladies know of any places.





Re: Inexpensive 3D/4D sonos?

  • They don't recommend that you have a 3d/4d sonogram until after 28 weeks. I know it seems like forever to have to wait but before then the baby will look like an alien and not like either you or your partner. You can have one at about 20 weeks to find out the sex of your baby but again it still looks like a little alien. If you want to find more information check out Baby Ultravision. Its where I went and I loved it!!!
  • Try Baby Vision Ultrasound. They were wonderful!!! I got the $175 package and it was sooooo worth it! You get a DVD plus lots of pictures and you can have several family members/ friends come with. The bed is super comfy (wish Dr. offices could take note! ) and its just a fun atmosphere. The receptionist is such a sweety! You will love it there. www.babyvisionultrasound.com .
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