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Naturalistic pediatricians?

I need to pick a pediatrician, anyone know of anyone that leans more naturalistic/holistic in the Des Moines metro area? Someone who is not going to give me a lecture about getting 30 vaccines every time I walk in their office? Would even consider family practice over pediatrician.

Re: Naturalistic pediatricians?

  • I didn't have any luck. Sorry. I ended up going with Dr. Bebee at the Waukee clinic.
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  • Glad to see this question!!! I am in the same boat & have just started looking. We are due the first week of August & this is our we're pretty clueless, but definitely do know we're looking for a pediatrician along the same guidelines as you. The one option I am starting to check out is Preventative Health Sciences in Waukee. I don't know how they work with babies, but I went to an open house event there and was really impressed. I'm going to call this week to see what kind of options there are. You can check them out at if you want. That's really all I know for now. If I find any good information I'll definitely let you know! :)


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