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I have only been on a bit because I just got done doing 6 10hr days.  I have a lot of posts to catch up on - and a ton from today alone.  Who are all the new people?

And as a follow-up to my CIO post from a week ago.  Oh, CIO I love you.

Night 1- 2 hrs of crying (sounds worse though since I went in every 15 minutes)

Night 2 - 1 hr

Night 3 and 4 - 20 min (but not full out screaming, softer crying)

Since then, cries for about a minute and then just a random cry here and there.

Re: Wow

  • MOST of the new people are just drive-bys in an attempt to win some contest the nest decided to start, apparently to make the local boards more active..

    I am really glad CIO worked for you.. Its was just sort of so-so for us.
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  • Um yeah.....I have been too busy to nest! Kids are off this week, so I have mine plus 3 more! I can't wait until the day is over. I miss my nesties!

    FYI....if you have girls.....a horrible attitude emerges when the turn 9! Yikes, I am about to strangle the child! jk, but it sure is annoying!

    I was thinking of doing a CIO, as he has been up a bit more than usual. However I decided I really don't care what the ped and books say, my baby is teething and has a little cold.....he can get up to eat if he wants to! (he always goes down easy, just waking 2x a night crying until I feed him).

    I am glad it worked for you, sleep is good!

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  • I haven't done it for her night wakings at all.  Just the original going to sleep.  But some how the night wakings went from every 2-3 hours to just waking once, possibly twice at night.  I wasn't able to get her down until 11/12 at night before because I would nurse to sleep and then put in the crib and she would most of the time wake up right away, and sometimes wake up in 15 minutes.  I think that since she learmned how to go to sleep, she is able to go back to sleep when she wakes up at night for the most part, unless she is hungry or ended up on her tummy. 
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