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Please Help Us =[

So my kids father just decided monday that he no longer wants to be in my 3 year old sons life and future daughter which will be born July 6th 2010. This is probably the worst thing to ever happen to me and my kids, and he was watching my son while I worked because he doesn't work. Now that this has happened I have no on to watch my son and im on the verge of losing my job, along with my apartment and car if this happens. I dont have enough money to pay for child care but I have applied for CCDS and it seems like im on a never ending list! So if anybody could please, PLEASE help us I would be so greatful. Thank you.

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Re: Please Help Us =[

  • I'm so sorry this is happening to you. You might try contacting Family Service Association - https://www.family-service.org/. The may be able to help guide you through the paperwork that you'll need to file to get help. Hopefully they can also help you file for child support. Even though he's not working now...if he's not taking care of the kids he should go get a job so he can still support them.
  • agree with pp.  Even though you have already put in for one form of assistance, they can help with more.  Also, now that your situation has changed, you may be eligible for emergancy assistance while you continue on the waiting lists.
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