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My name is Jen.  My husband and I live in SE Wisconsin, and tomorrow, our 1st child (a daughter, Abigail Rose) will be 6 weeks old!  I'm not quite sure how we've survived these first 6 weeks, but it's been getting better all the time!

 I'm looking for advice on getting my baby on more of a schedule - she's pretty good at sleeping at night (she usually does 11 PM - 7AM-ish with 1 short feeding around 3 or 4), but I'm struggling with daytime naps.  Many days, she only takes 1 2-hour nap, and then she's up the rest of the day!  I need a LITTLE more time to myself, for "me" time and to keep the house from becoming a pit!

 Also, we'd like to set bedtime a little earlier - 9:30 or so - and I'm not sure how to adjust her feedings so we wind up with that last feeding being at that time.  

 Hope to talk with some of you soon! 

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