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Do any of you babywearers have thoughts about Hotslings? I just saw that Abby's Lane has them for 50% off and was thinking of getting one. Looks easy to use, which is key for me since I've found the Moby to be a bit of a PITA sometimes.


Oh, and here's the link if anyone is interested in getting one yourself:

Re: Hotslings?

  • I have a knockoff/different brand but DH has a hotsling. He is much bigger than me so we need different sizes... I digress

     I really like mine. It is quick to get DD into and then I can "wear her down" quite easily into her bouncy chair or crib. DD likes it too, now that she has some neck control she can sit up and peek out or lay back and sleep. I walked around our little downtown for 2 hours one day and my shoulder got a bit tired but it was so nice having her close on a cold day.

    Make sure to buy your size. I was using DH's for a while (a size 5) and I need a 2 at most. It was hurting my back/neck to wear the too large size.

  • I have a Peanut Shell, which is pretty much the same thing as a Hotsling and loved it for ease of use.  DS mostly sat up and looked around in it.  I even use it now occasionally for a quick hip carry around the house.  It's not  as comfy as our Beco for an extended period but it's compact and easy to use.
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  • We loves our pouch slings. They're easy to get on/off and get DS in and out of. They're nice at parties and family gatherings when DS gets overstimulated or is ready for a nap. He's close to outgrowing any kind of reclined position in it, but he likes to sit up when we go shopping so he can watch the action.

    Sizing really is important. We have a smaller one and a larger one. The smaller was great when DS was smaller but it doesn't fit now. The larger fits DH great but isn't so big that it doesn't fit me.

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  • It didn't work for me because DS preferred to be held upright as opposed to the cradle hold.  If that hadn't been the case I would have liked it quite a bit, I think.
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